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UncategorizedBentley Continental Flying Spur Reviews

14/06/2022by admin0

I decided to share with you my new car Bentley Continental Flying Spur (hereinafter simply hippo!). I wanted to feel no less comfortable 🙂 Of course, if only 3-4 stops are made in half an hour. Driving characteristics: noise isolation, ride at the highest level, building noise completely

01/30/2013 Good afternoon everyone. The music plays so amazingly, I honestly haven’t heard anything like this anywhere, the audio system is called (Naim for Bentley Premium), compared to it, the BMW professional is complete misery. I’ll tell you right away who is not interested in reading. more Exterior: very beautiful live, huge, this cannot be conveyed in the photo, chrome with black color is very harmoniously combined, bi-xenon headlights, swivel, the light is very good, it illuminates the roadside very well, there are no foglights. The only thing I don’t like is the red taillights, they look somehow ridiculous, to be honest) Interior: a real fairy tale, natural materials, completely hand-assembled, everything is so high quality that you don’t want to get out of the car at all! The dashboard is informative and clear, there is also a touch screen, which includes TV, DVD, navigation. The seats have all sorts of adjustments (including rear passengers). Now, actually, about the car. Although the regulators for air supply from the air conditioning system look archaic, they are very functional. The Queen – mother is not shy about driving such a car. 19.10.2009 The Queen Mother is not shy about driving such a car. Immediately after turning on the engine, instead of cold air, hot air starts to drive, for about 20 seconds. The seat heating regulator is installed in the doors, not very logical – but convenient 🙂 The best video camera for reversing parking, well, the rest is amazing with functionality and thoughtfulness. With frequent stops and turning off the engine, with the air conditioner on, there is an annoying function to purge the air conditioner evaporator to prevent it from fogging. Bentley, black color, bright interior (see photo), 2010, mileage at the time of arrival in Saratov 26500, now more. My next car will be less flashy, because now when I drive, people stumble, point fingers, take pictures and ask questions while parking 🙂 For rear passengers, there is also a climate control unit.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Reviews

Recently, a friend from Sochi in a telephone conversation offered me a Behemoth (my insignia is an additional payment in money), I immediately agreed, because I was busy, I asked the car to drive my father to Sochi, and to drive https://cars45et.com/listing/mercedes-benz/cls/2008 the Hippo to our village Saratov) I gave my father a card on which they were money, began to wait for his arrival! Well, after 2 days he arrived. Otherwise, there is simply nothing to complain about, well, if only the steering wheel is too new skin, therefore slightly rough, after two hours it is clearly felt. I wanted to feel no less comfortable 🙂 Although the air supply regulators look archaic.

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